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Why Us?

People are always asking what makes XtremeModz the number one company on the market. We figure the best way to answer that is to give you an opportunity to review a Q & A with both XtremeModz controllers and the competition and then let you decide who is better. From the content of our competitor's site, we assume how they would answer.

Basically, if you want to buy a product and want to risk a 50 % chance that it fails, then you should buy from our competitors .However, if you never want to have to buy a controller ever again than XtremeModz is your company.

Question - Why are your products better than others?

XtremeModz - We are the ONLY site with the "Build A Mod" which allows you to put in what modes you want in whatever order, giving you a one of a kind controller! Our controllers are also fully reprogrammable, something that only we offer!

Competitors- We just purchase the parts off of our other competition so that we can all sell the same controller, This makes sure that everyone gets the same thing. Unfortunately XtremeModz wont sell to us so we cant do the same thing they are.

Question - Do you use brand new Microsoft controllers?

XtremeModz - We purchase all controllers brand new from local retail stores to ensure that all products are brand new. We send them in their original shell to prove this fact.

Competitors- Well, our controllers are "LIKE" brand new. We buy from e-bayers and return-item sellers that specialize in selling used controllers. There is a chance that you will have minor wear and tear such as dirty crevices and worn triggers. This is how we sell so cheap, because we buy cheap products.

Question - How do you warranty these products?

XtremeModz- We offer a standard 1-month warranty on all of our controllers and the option of an extra year warranty for $9.99.

Competitors -We offer the longest warranty in the business, even though we have only been around for about 6 months. I know it seems weird to offer a 2 year warranty when you have only been around for a short while, but who cares once we have your money. We do realize that 50% of businesses fail in the first year; here is a link to back that fact up. www.businessknowhow.com/startup/business-failure.htm

Question - Do you solder your own controller?

XtremeModz - Yes, this is the most important part of the mod. We use only top of line soldering equipment. We have modded over 2,000 controllers and have perfected the process better than any of our competitors.

Competitors- We buy the cheapest equipment we can find, why pay for something expensive when the cheap stuff works just fine. Sure the quality may not be there but then again what do we care?

Question - So how easy is it to buy off of your site?

XtremeModz-All purchases through he site are either routed through our secure payment gateway or through Paypal allowing the most versatility of any of our competitors.

Competitors - We only accept PayPal because we use free websites that don't take anything other than that..

Question - How does the package come once I purchase?

XtremeModz - We ship our products in standard cube box's. With our packing of the product it is protected with material from all sides to protect from shock if it is dropped.

Competitors - Sometimes we have tight fitting boxes to keep the product from moving in the box. This isn't that good though, unfortunately when this happens it doesnt have any protection from drop shock or the elements. This causes our products to break.

Question - How do you give back to the community?

XtremeModz - XtremeModz has donated controllers to numerous non profit gaming organizations that donate the money earned towards cancer research and much more.

Competitors -Well we just enjoy our profits and spend it on useless items. Personally I like my new TV that you bought me.

Question - So why should I buy from you?

XtremeModz - We use all brand new products, and can show proof of it. We have modded over 2,000 controllers for our great customers. We are designing new products to revolutionize the gaming market that no company could ever catch up to.

Competitors - We are more expensive and our products aren't even able to compete!

Question - What Kind of personal customization do you offer?

XtremeModz-We actually offer three different types of customization. 1- We allow every customer to take the place of a modder, This allows each customer to create a controller to their liking for a low price. 2- We offer custom paint jobs by our sister site Create A Controller. This allows us to offer customized controllers with gamertags or any design. 3- It is our new process we are calling our Xtreme Imaging, this will allow us to actually take an image and put it into the controller itself.

Competitors - We do not have any type of customization, we just have two options on our whole site and they are still over priced.

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